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Pepsi-Cola Work Order Request


To request repair or service at your location, you may call our offices on (508) 829-6551 during business hours. Additionally, you may fill out this form and it will be processed during business hours and relayed to the service department. Please ensure that you are serviced by either Pepsi-Cola of Worcester, MA or Pepsi-Cola of Windham, CT. Accounts not serviced by our offices cannot be actioned.

This will give us an idea of how urgently this must be attended to. Be advised that the service manager may redefine the urgency based on his knowledge of the incident.
Contact Name *
Contact Name
This is the three or four digit account (also referred to as customer) number you see on your invoices.
What are the hours of operation for the location you're requesting service for? Example: 9am-5pm M-F
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Address of Business
Please fill this out thoroughly. Due to technical limitations, your form will not be accepted without the state and postal code being filled in.
We'll need this information in the event that a verification phonecall has to be placed or we require additional information.
Please be specific including the type of equipment, where on the property it's located, etc. This will help us respond with the appropriate equipment.