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Microsoft 365 E-Mail Migration

We will be migrating our e-mail services from our on-premise Exchange server to Microsoft 365 over the weekend of 5/19/2018. E-mail will be unreliable between 5/19 and 5/20 while the Internet re-routes e-mails to Microsoft.

Starting on 5/19, you will start receiving e-mails via Microsoft and will need to temporarily go to in order to send and receive e-mails.

In preparation for sending and receiving of e-mails on your phones and tablets, please download the Microsoft Outlook app. Company-issued devices should automatically download this app for you.

All accessible computers over the weekend of 5/19 will have Outlook reconfigured for your use on Monday, 5/21 and support will be provided to all other users at both companies via GoToAssist throughout the week to assist with reconfiguration.