Pepsi-Cola of Worcester, MA and Windham, CT

Local family-owned and operated since 1956.

[Reminder] Account Closures

To All It May Concern:


As has always been policy, please remember that it is your duty to report that an account is closing whenever you become aware – whether that’s during a delivery, while you’re taking an order, or if you happen to be driving by and notice a sign announcing so. It has become increasingly common in both Worcester and Windham that an account is closing and the office is never notified, causing us to lose out on the opportunity to collect balances owed to us, reclaim our equipment, etc.


If you are a driver: Please inform anyone in the office or the account manager as soon as you are able to do so. You are also always welcome to send me an e-mail directly and I will pass it along.


If you are a sales manager: You must immediately notify the office by way of filling out a profile sheet here and indicating a closure. Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible as this starts the chain of communication between all relevant departments.


If you are any other employee: Kindly notify anyone in Holden’s office or myself with as much information as possible and we will get the process started.


With time, I hope to better clarify this and other office processes and make it easier for everyone. In the meantime, your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.